MCBE Advancements

October 24, 2020 by Jesser101 Addons MCBE Advancements This addon adds over 50 java, bedrock edition, and custom advancements to the game! There is a custom UI, special sound effects whenever an achievement is received, and a toggleable advancements scoreboard, with so much more! You can download the “MCBE Advancements Worlds” to have x10 pre-installed mcworld files to choose from. The best thing about these worlds is that you can still unlock xbox achievements in them, even whilst using the addon! This addon has taken MONTHS and MONTHS of development and has been a long project since May 2020, it can be seen as the most polished Advancements addon for Bedrock Edition. There are both normal achievements and secret achievements in this addon.

There are x4 Advancement Categories, including Minecraft, Nether, End, and Adventure. Below are a couple of images that show the Custom UI and the four categories.

To access the above UI click the PixelPlay Logo in your inventory, as pointed by with an arrow in the image below:

Below are some Images of this Advancements Addon in Action!

Open chat when you Load in the World to See this Message:

/function score: to check your score! (example below)

/function displayon: to turn on Advancement Scoreboard! (example below)

Please help support the PixelPlay Community for more free addons in the future! Official Discord Official Youtube Addon Creator: jesser101 (Owner of PixelPlay MAPS) Additional Notes: If you experience issues or bugs with this addon, report them in our discord server! Downloads: MCBE Advancements (mcaddon) MCBE Advancements (zip) MCBE Advancements (worlds) MCBE Advancements List MCBE Advancements (linkvertise – support me!)

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