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Magical Spells 2 v1.0.2

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Magical Spells 2 adds customizable spells to the game. These spells can be customized by adding any of the 10 parchments to them. You can add as many parchments to your spells as you would like, and some parchments are even stackable.


Spell Forms

  • Spell - activates the applied parchments on the user.

  • Projectile Spell - fires a projectile and activates the applied parchments on the entity it hit, or at the location it hit the ground.

  • Multishot Projectile Spell - same as the Projectile Spell, but shoots 3 projectiles instead of 1.

  • AOE Spell - activates the applied parchments on entities in a 20 block radius, or spawns an AOE circle and activates parchments on all entities in the circle.


  • Haste - gives entities haste 3.

  • Slowness - gives entities slowness 3.

  • Strength - gives entities strength 3.

  • Wind - knocks entities back.

  • +8 Damage - deals 8 damage, this parchment is stackable.

  • Explode - explodes.

  • Fire - lights entities on fire.

  • Freeze - encases entities in packed ice.

  • Lightning - strikes entities with lightning.

  • Regeneration - gives entities regeneration 3.

Magic XP

You gain XP by using spells with 1 or more parchments applied. Interact while holding a Magical Tome to see your magic XP and level.

Adding Parchments to Spells

To add parchments to spells, first craft the parchment(s) you would like to apply in a Parchment Crafter.

Then, build this:

The plants surrounding the water can be any of the following:

  • Crimson Roots

  • Crimson Fungus

  • Weeping Vines

  • Twisting Vines

  • Warped Fungus

  • Warped Roots

  • Nether Sprouts

Drop all of the items displayed on the parchment, the spell you want to add the parchment to, and the parchment itself into the water. Make sure that there are not any more or any less items in the water, or else it will not work.



fixed the fix from 1.0.1


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誠 服部
誠 服部
May 01, 2023



誠 服部
誠 服部
May 01, 2023



Philipp Semen
Philipp Semen
Jun 23, 2022

Does the custom enchanting mod from iimotionless have an effect on it?

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