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Little Foliage

This addon is Inspired by a addon named "Just Biome" made by Abcdave & by a mod named "CoralReef" made by Primetoxinz


This addon makes the Plains biome & Oceanfloor becomes a little better...

Grassy-er Plains:

This addon Increases the generation of the grass so the plains biome looks Grassy-er!

Also, it helps you on finding wheat seeds...

Coral-ly Oceanfloor:

Top Picture: Underwater View Bottom Picture: Abovewater View

It also adds coral groups so the oceanfloor looks Lees Empty & Spotted with lights by the Sea Pickles!

Mainly, for the sake of decoration...


Required Experimental Feature:

Working on 1.17.0+!


Download the Addon

Enjoy & Have a Little Better!

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