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Level Statistics

Updated: Jan 3

This addon adds a new level system to the game. Gain experience, use the Statistic Book and unlock effects, inventory, armor, or even get immunity.

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Statistic Book

The stat book is used to see information about your stats and also to level up all of them using xp. It's definitely the most important item in the addon, make sure you don't lose it, you can keep it anywhere, but it's important to note that the book doesn't disappear from your inventory when you die.


This stat leaves your inventory completely locked, leaving only the hotbar, but as you level up you unlock all the locked inventory slots.


This stat blocks effects from your game, if you are at level 1 you will not be able to get positive effects in any way, not even eating enchanted apples or making beacons.


This stat blocks armor slots, to use full armor with shield you need to reach max level.


This stat, with the course of the levels, makes you immune to the negative effects of the game. all stats are unlocked with xp, you can see the required amount in the upgrade interface.

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