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Itemducts v1.0.5

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Itemducts adds itemducts that can transfer items from one chest to another. Modded blocks can also export and import items from pipes if that addon supports Itemducts.


Transfer Nodes

Transfer nodes connect to chests or supported custom blocks and will export items into connected itemducts


Carries items. Itemducts will dump their items into connected chests or supported custom blocks as long as that chest is not full (or the custom block is requesting that item)


This item is used to restrict certain sides of itemducts or transfer nodes. Interact with an itemduct or transfer node while holding a wrench to stop the flow of incoming and outgoing items from that side.

Copper Itemducts and Transfer Nodes

Copper itemducts/transfer nodes are variants of normal itemducts/transfer nodes. They work exactly the same.

For Creators

Itemducts adds a very simple way for custom blocks to request and export items from itemducts. To request items, simply add the "itemducts:requests" property to your block. If a connected itemduct is carrying any of the items listed in that property, it will set the value to that item id. You can set "itemducts:requests" to "ignore" to stop itemducts from importing items into that block. To export items, add the "itemducts:export" property to your block. This property must have a "none" value. Set the "itemducts:export" property to an item id and that item will export into a connected itemduct. When that item is exported, the property will be set to "none".

To make your custom blocks connect to itemducts use "tag:itemducts:connect_itemducts": {} or "tag:itemducts:connect_transfer_nodes": {} to connect to transfer nodes

You can use "<data>" to request items with specific data. eg. "minecraft:log<2>"


Itemducts will log errors it detects when attempting to read the "itemducts:export" property on custom blocks. Use "/function itemducts/disable-logging" to disable it, and "/function itemducts/enable-logging" to enable it.


Thanks to HaxTheCharizard for making the models and textures



fixed transfer nodes not taking the last item from a stack






REQUIRES 1.19.30+

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