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Hog's Morphs

Hog's morph is an old addon. It sadly uses player.json as again, it's an old addon. But as long as your not playing with other addons.

Experimental Toggles -

Explanation Video -

Tags -

Giving a player a tag with the addon will change attributes.

Activate it by doing /tag @s add (tag name)

Or remove it by doing /tag @s remove (tag name)

Tag list:

NF - remove fall damage

NW - no wither damage

LD - no lightning damage

NE - no explosion damage

WD - Water damage (like enderman)

FI - Fire immunity (no fire damage)

KBR - no knockback

GC - grows crops (like bees)

BD - burns during the day without helmet

FL - allows flight

player - all mobs attack

villager - attacked by zombies

fish - attacked by guardians

arthropod - attacked by iron golems

animal - not attacked

undead - attacked by iron golems

1-40H - changes amount of health (only works if its even)

100H - gives 100 health

1-10D - changes amount of damage dealt

1-10WS - changes the speed in water

0-10S - changes speed on land

V0-80 - changes the model of the character.

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