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GDisease V1.2

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

This addon will add 4 diseases into your minecraft world. One is the end disease, it will corrupt your body, another is the nether disease which will lower your body immunity, one is the overworld disease which will zombify you, and last is rabies. Once you create a new world, try your best to do a medical research table before you get hit by a random disease. Once your sick, do a blood test with the medical research table. Then it will show you what disease you have and how to cure it. Then after collecting items just create the medicines. Maximum their 3. Once you've got a teir 3 medicine, you can create a vaccine which will remove the ability of you getting the certain disease Video about the addon:

Addon download link:


Changed the nether disease from giving the player some effects into lowering your immune system so you will get diseases easier

Added Rabies a disease that is obtainable by getting hit by a wolf

Now the blood test determines the most important disease to cure once done

Added face mask

Added logic

Bug fixes

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