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Furing Fabric

Updated: 4 hours ago

This addon is Based on a mod called Armor Underwear made by The_Wabbit0101

But, Everything is Made By Me & I Didn't Steal any of the mod assets...


This addon is an Expansion for Tough As Bedrock addon made by Weero_TMD This addon Adds Some Items that Able to Increase/Decrease your Temperature as you need...


[Expand] Ingredients


[Expand] Fabrics

Fabric Snips:

[Expand] Fabric Snips


[Expand] Goopak


About the Fabrics:

◆ Interact the Item [Tap & Hold/Right-Click] to apply it ◆They'll tells you their Fabric Level when you use it [Eg. Cooling Fabric +2/Warming Fabric +5] ◆ They're Unoverlapped-able [Snip it off first, before applying another fabric]

Required Experimental Feature:

Working on 1.19.0+!


Download the Addon

Enjoy & Stay Well!

================================================ > Join My Discord Group < If You're Curious about My Addons Progress!

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