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Frost is an addon that overhauls all Ice Plains biomes in Minecraft. With Frost installed, you can expect to encounter new enemies, blocks, loot, bosses, structures, added lore, and sooo much more! Ice Plains are no longer flat and boring biomes! If you are looking for exploration, then you've come to the right addon! With the recent update for Frost, V2.1. You can expect even more exploration than ever before by heading into the brand new overhauled caves!

If you'd like to see the new content added in by Frost V2.1 in action, feel free to watch the trailer below :)

In Game Screenshots on What to Expect

Overhauled Ice Caves! Filled with brand new blocks, mobs, items, structures, and more goodies!

Surface wise, you will also find the things mentioned above, and Frostwood Trees. A new tree type with new wood.

Cave Generation/Ores


Special Items/Blocks

Frost Tooltips


Download Below, enjoy:

Behaviors (Mediafire)

Resources (Mediafire)

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