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Food Expansion BE

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

This is a Simple addon that Adds New Foods into the game that Based Around Vanilla Foods & Enhanced the Food System! ================================================ "Foods"

◆ Raws:

New Meats...



- Catmeat

- Horsemeat

- Raw Llama

- Raw Parrot

- Raw Polar Bear

- Raw Squid

- Wolfmeat

◆ Cookeds:

The Cooked version of the Raws...

- Crispy Bacon

- Cooked Batwing

- Cooked Catmeat

- Cooked Horsemeat

- Llama Steak

- Cooked Parrot

- Polar Bear Steak

- Cooked Squid

- Cooked Wolfmeat

+ These Cooked Meats can be Feeded to Wolf! Emergencies:

No Food?


Roasted Seeds

Cooked Mushrooom

Cactus Fruit

Dried Flesh

Green Jelly

◆ Miscellaneous:


Fried Egg

Carrot Pie

Chocolate Bar

Bacon & Egg


◆ Soups & Stews:


Carrot Soup

Beetroot Noodles

Bat Soup

Spider Eye Stew

Melon Salad

Nether Wart Stew

Blaze Cream Soup

Golden Feast

Veggie Stew

+ These Soups & Stews [Including the ones from Vanilla] now has 64 Stack limit!


Required Experimental Feature:

Working on 1.18.20+!


Enjoy & Fulfill Your Appetite!


For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

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