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Factory Machinery

A machinery addon with many useful machines and items for mining and others such as conveyor belts, quarries, robotic arms, power cables, solar panels, steam generators, power generators, batteries and much more.

Web where you can see all its characteristics and crafting recipes in more detail:

This addon contains many different machines, here is a list of all the machines, blocks, mobs and items:

Power cables

  • Basic cables - Four different.

  • Reinforced cables - Four different.

  • Smart cable

  • high energy cable. Coming Soon....

  • Crafting Recipes



Nuclear battery

Five different ones plus ten with other functionality.

Crafting Recipes


Power generators

  • Manual generator

  • Solar panel

  • Power generating furnace

  • Steam engine

  • Experimental Steam engine

  • hydroelectric generator. Coming Soon....

  • Nuclear reactor. Coming Soon....

  • Crafting Recipes


Pipes and others

  • Pipe - Steam - Lava - Water

  • Pipe Valve

  • Liquid and gas tank

  • Liquids Container Connectable

  • Crafting Recipes


Transportation of items and mobs

  • Conveyor belts

  • Conveyor belt Filter

  • Mechanical arms - three different

  • Conveyor Tube - three different

  • Item Conveyor Elevator

  • Crafting Recipes


Resource extractors

Drills with pistons and slime to create machines to mine in any direction.



  • Automation lever

  • Automation signal inverter

  • Automation Wire

  • Observer signal repeater

  • Crafting Recipes


Resource generators and others

  • Steam Generator

  • Experimental Steam Generator

  • More machines, coming soon...

  • Crafting Recipes


Important Others

  • Antenna

  • Storage core machine

  • Small Item Picker - three different

  • Giant XP Bottle

  • Electronic circuit

  • Item Hoover

  • Security Door

  • Crafting Recipes


Item Hoover

Storage core machine


• Agriculture, fishing machines and others

Electric oven - Coming Soon....

Smelter - Coming Soon....

Others - Coming Soon....

Coming Soon....


Beta 0.2 Video:

Video of beta 0.3 not available for now..



It is not allowed to create expansions of the addon or modpacks (I might consider it if you are an already recognized creator in the community)

If you are an addon creator who is learning, the code of this addon could be very useful for you to learn new things.

This addon is in beta version, textures, crafting, functionalities and 3d models could change in the next update.


How to install:

• Download and install the behavior pack and resource pack

• Activate both the behavior and the resource pack in your world settings

• Activate all the experimental options except "Custom biomes" and "Next Major Updated"


• Report error to my Discord Effect99 Community

• If you do a review on YouTube don't forget to mention me, I'm always happy to see them.

• Any suggestions to add in the addon are welcome as long as you send them to me on my Discord


Minecraft 1.20.10

Factory Machinery Expansions (Only Beta 0.3.6):

# Changelog


Add-On programmed by Effect99

Textures and 3D models by Koffyt93

Add-On by Effect99


Guys, new Discord server, there I will post addons and map updates and upload content progress, you can also report bugs, talk to me and other things.

Chicos nuevo server de Discord, ahí publicare actualizaciones de addons y mapas y subiré el progreso del contenido, también pueden reportar bugs, hablar conmigo y demás.


Watch this video to know how most of the machines, blocks and others work


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