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Extra Utilities

- This Add-On adds several items/blocks to your Minecraft BE, each with its own usefulness to help you survive.

Notice: - This Add-On is in its "V1", for now, if I have any bugs, please report it! - All Add-On recipes appear in the Crafting Table.

- When the Watering Can is held on the screen, it loses its durability or, as we can say, loses water, so for you to recover it and only you can give it water with it in your hand, and then it recovers. Additional items/blocks: - Blocks: • Angel Block • Trash Can • Unstable Block - Items: • Angel Ring • Division Sigil • Golden Lasso • Unstable Nugget • Unstable Ingot • Watering Can • Kikoku • Unstable Axe • Unstable Hoe • Unstable Pickaxe • Unstable Shovel • Unstable Sword Items/Functional Blocks: Golden Lasso - an item that lets you pick up any mob from any addon Angel Block - a block that will be placed below the player when they interact, letting you start sky islands easily Angel Ring - an item that lets the player fly in survival. (make sure education edition is enabled) Watering Can - an item that accelerates the growth of Minecraft's main plants. Trash Can - a block that deletes any item, block and etc. that you had in your inventory. Division Sigil - Required for unstable ingots, this is dropped only by the wither!

Features that need active:

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