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EX Nihilo Expanded

This Addon Overhauls the original Ex Nihilo

There are now 5 different Sieve Types

  • String

  • Flint

  • Iron

  • Diamond

  • Netherite

with an empty sieve for the crafting recipe (combine mesh with empty sieve to get the new sieve)

Each Tier gives different loot and yields depending on what resource you sieve

Compatible Resources

  • Dirt

  • Gravel

  • Sand

  • Soul Sand

Some New items were added

Aside from the individual meshes and sieves, I have also added

  • Copper Nuggets (9 nuggets to make 1 ingot)

  • Emerald Nuggets

  • Diamond Nuggets

  • Cobblestone Rocks (4 rocks to create 1 block)

  • Diorite Rocks

  • Andesite Rocks

  • Granite Rocks

Each of these items can be obtained from sieving the different resources.

All Items currently included In the Ex Nihilo Pack:

Installation Notes

  • Experimental Features On (MOLANG, HOLIDAY, and BIOMES)

  • Completely Delete old Ex Nihilo Before Using This One

EX Nihilo BP: Download

EX Nihilo RP: Download Added Bonus

added Copper Trees to Ore Trees Addon

Ore Trees BP: Download Ore Trees RP: Download

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