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Eternal Stella

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

With this addon you can make your tools unbreakable!

this Add-On Add 8 items:

➠Eternal Stella Fragment Pt: 1;

➠Eternal Stella Fragment Pt: 2;

➠Eternal Stella Fragment Pt: 3;

➠Eternal Stella Fragment Pt: 4;

➠Eternal Stella;

➠XpEtrified Orb;

➠XpEtrified Ore (Normal);

➠Deepslate XpEtrified Ore (Deepslate).

Steps to get Eternal Stella:

1. Get XpEtrified Orb

Find the XpEtrified ores at layers 16 and -64, then break the ore when you have 50 levels.

2. Activate XpEtrified Orb:

Interact with the orb when you have 40 levels and a nether star in your hotbar.

3. Craft Eternal Stella

Check the recipes and get everything needed to craft the eternal stella

How to use the Eternal Stella:

you'll need to place your tool or armor in the first hotbar slot and then shift-click the Eternal Stella on the anvil with another 30 levels of XP.

All the Resources you need active:


Ores are found in layer 16 to -64.

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Yori Sragiorgio
Yori Sragiorgio
30 Αυγ 2023

opa mano goste muito do addon mais eu acho que vc podia deixar um pouco mais barato os crafts fora isso o addon ta top

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axxe king
axxe king
27 Αυγ 2023

How do we get multiple dragon eggs?

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tio pain games
tio pain games
14 Σεπ 2023
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u dont get it

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