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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

EndFactory is a simple modpack that is just like skyfactory by vatonage, but in the end. You start in a bedrock box, please enter the end portal. Once your in the end, search for the starter chest. And near the starter chest there is a cobblestone generator to help you in your quest.

If you lost the quest book please type

/structure load gg:new ~~~

Download Link:

Pleas subscribe to my yt channel because tutorials and game play will be shared there: G G Ghaith

Addons used

Advanced Machinery Android Infusion Baubles Chickens Custom Enchantments Item Exchange Balanced Loot Bags More TNT Ore Seeds Ore Trees More Generators Survival Guns Tinkers' Awakening Magic Blood Magic

Machinery Weapons Industrial Machinery

Musical Weapons Battle Pets

Draconic Evolution Crazy Tools Crazy Weapons More Gear Blasters Christmas Presents Element Exchange Basic Machinery

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