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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Diversity is an addon that encourages having a diverse diet through better and worse effects depending on your diet diversity. Eating the same foods over and over will decrease your diversity leading to negative effects, while diversifying your diet will lead to positive effects



Your diversity value is an integer that ranges from any negative number through positive 500. Whenever you eat a food, your diversity value will either decrease or increase. The formula that is used to calculate this is Diversity = Diversity + (10 - x) x being how many times you have eaten this food out of the last 10 unique foods (meaning x will reset after eating 10 unique foods. Unique foods will also reset) EXAMPLE: eating 1 food 3 times will increase your diversity by 7, eating 1 food 10 times will increase it by 0, and eating 1 food 20 times will decrease it by 10

Positive Effects

  • Speed 1: maintain 300+ diversity

  • Poison Immunity: maintain 350+ diversity

  • Strength 2: maintain 420+ diversity

  • Regeneration 2: maintain 500 diversity

Negative Effects

  • Hunger 1: maintain below 0 diversity

  • Slowness 2: maintain below -50 diversity

  • Weakness 1: maintain below -100 diversity

Custom Commands

  • /function diversity/reset_foods - Resets all stored foods for ALL players in the game

  • /function diversity/reset_foods_self - Resets all stored foods for the player executing the command

  • /function diversity/reset_diversity - Resets diversity value for ALL players in the game

  • /function diversity/reset_diversity_self - Resets diversity value for the player executing the command

  • /function diversity/reset_all - Resets all info stored by Diversity for ALL players in the game

  • /function diversity/reset_all_self - Resets all info stored by Diversity for the player executing the command


Any food with "Diversity" under the name, is supported by Diversity

Crouching while holding any food that you have eaten atleast once (must be supported by Diversity) will display this message


Turn on "Holiday Creator Features", and "Additional Modding Capabilities" In the world settings or the addon will not work!

Set your game language to English, United States This addon uses player.json and may be incompatible with certain other addons. To ensure that it will work, place it at the top of the behavior packs list in your world.

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