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Darkness Expansion

This addon adds creatures and items with the theme of darkness.

All items that are not obtained in the crafting table are dropped from mobs.

All mobs are born in the negative layers and on top of the deepslate block, so the player can easily build a mob trap with deepslate blocks and get several of these mobs.

Darkened: Drop Darkened Flesh & Dark Heart

Dark Phantasm: Drop Dark Eye & Dark Essence

Darkened Flesh in furnace = Dark Essence

Dark Eye: Shows all mobs in a radius of 20 blocks

Dark Heart: High Regeneration Level for 10 seconds

Darkness Staff: Shoots darkness projectile

Penumbra: A shadow that transforms into any tool

Penumbra Magic: It does the same thing as the ordinary penumbra, with a single difference. It automatically enchants the transformed items with the best enchantments.


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