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Custom Enchanting

Updated: Jan 2

This addon adds a new enchantment table called the custom enchantment table. This table can be used to enchant the weapon you are holding with custom enchants, you can select a level up to level 10 to add. If you already have all the custom enchantments on an item then you wont lose exp if you try to add another. These enchants work with weapons from any addon. The enchantments from this addon are compatible with the sword rarities addon.


  • Melting (max 1)

  • Lightning (max 1)

  • Exploding (max 1)

  • Levitating (max 10)

  • Lifesteal (max 10)

  • Poison (max 10)

  • Absorbing (max 1)

  • Wither (max 10)

  • Slowing (max 10)

  • Enchant DMG (max +20)

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