Curios [v1.0.0]

Updated: Nov 12

Curios is a mix between Baubles and Inventory Pets, this addon adds a bunch of curios which are automatically detected in your inventory and give you effects. There are 6 different types of curios: amulets, belts, body, charms, head, and rings. Each category has a certain amount of curios that can be active at once, ranging from 1 - 2.

v1.0.0 Showcase


It can take up to 5 seconds to detect curios in your inventory! All curios are craftable except Wings of the Angels

Curio Categories

  • Amulets: Only 1 amulet can be equipped at a time!

  • Belts: Only 1 belt can be equipped at a time!

  • Body: Only 1 body item can be equipped at a time!

  • Charms: Only 2 charms can be equipped at a time!

  • Head: Only 1 head item can be equipped at a time!

  • Rings: Only 2 rings can be equipped at a time!



  • Amulet of Fire Immunity: fire immunity

  • Amulet of Resistance: resistance

  • Amulet of Quick Regeneration: regeneration


  • Belt of Swiftness: speed

  • Belt of Vertical Boost: jump boost


  • Wings of the Angels (only obtainable on dungeon islands): flight Known bugs: Leaving the game disables your flight How to fix: drop on the floor, pick back up when it says mayfly has been revoked from you in chat


  • Charm of Saturation: saturation

  • Charm of Haste: haste


  • Night Vision Goggles: night vision

  • Water Breathing Goggles: water breathing


  • Ring of Imperceptibility: invisibility

  • Ring of Slow Descent: slow falling

  • Ring of Power: strength


Normal Island: has a random curio (not including Wings of the Angels)

Dungeon Island: always has a Wings of the Angels in it

Supported Languages

English (US)

  • Full Support: ✓

Português (Brasil)

  • Full Support: ✓

Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia)

  • Full Support: ✓


This addon requires FluffyLib (v1.0.0 ONLY!). This addon will not work without it! Turn on "Holiday Creator Features", "Creation of Custom Biomes", "Additional Modding Capabilities", "Enable GameTest Framework", and "Education Edition" In the world settings or the addon will not work!

This addon does NOT use player.json. It is compatible with any other addon!

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