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Crazy Weapons

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

This is an addon that adds 25+ new weapons to Minecraft. This includes everything from swords to glaives to cannons!


Everything you need to know is in the video below

(Download is at the bottom of the page)



24 damage, poison aura, withering, freezing, and sweeping edge II

Ice Blade

6 damage, freezes attacked mobs (Freezing I)

Honey Sword

6 damage, slows attacked mobs for 5 seconds (Sticking I)

Leeching Blade

8 damage, gain health when attacking mobs (Leeching I)

Posidon's Blade

12 damage, places and removes water (Moisture I) (Yes, I know I spelled Poseidon wrong)

Wither Blade

8 damage, withers all nearby mobs on attack (Withering I)

Heavy Sword

12 damage, makes you hungry and slow on attack (Curse Of Weight)

Sweeping Blade

6 damage, attempted recreation of Sweeping Edge I

Strong Sweeping Blade

8 damage, attempted recreation of Sweeping Edge II


8 damage, low durability

Poison Glaive

9 damage, poisons all mobs near attacked mob (Poison Aura I)

Big Hammer

6 damage, slam mobs into the ground (Smackdown I)

Sugar Bottle

12 damage, breaks after one use

Burning Rod

3 damage, burn all nearby enemies

Striking Rod

3 damage, strike nearby enemies with lightning and give yourself resistance

Crystal Rod

3 damage, summon end crystals at all other mobs

Snowball Cannon

Fire snowballs

Potato Cannon

Fire potatoes

Fireball Cannon

Fire fireballs


Do I need to explain?

Fast Wither Cannon

Fires wither skulls quickly

Explosive Wither Cannon

Fires blue wither skulls

Power Bow

Fires arrows VERY quickly

Spore Grenade

It's just a grenade


6 damage throwable weapon

Neutral, very dangerous still

Other items

Known issues:

- Unbreaking makes durability not work

- Some cannons let you hit yourself


How to download/install addons

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