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Crazy Tools

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

This is an addon that adds 25+ new tools to Minecraft! This includes everything from axes to shovels to time bananas! Everything is completely survival friendly too, with crafting, durability, and enchants.

All tools in game:

Thiccaxe: Mines a 3x3 area around the player when a block is broken

Heavy pickaxe: Breaks netherite and obsidian quickly, turns stone into cobblestone

Icepick: Mines all types of ice quickly

Boost Pickaxe: Interact to gain haste for a few seconds, uses lots of durability

Axepick: Mediocre axe and mediocre pickaxe, but does both!

Fire axe: Chops processed wood items (planks, chests, etc.) quickly

Snow shovel: Breaks snow quickly

Pirate shovel: Breaks sand quickly

Cropinator: Good hoe that tills a 3x3 area

Brick breaker: Quickly breaks bricks and cracks them too

Dash: Gives 1 second of very fast speed then a 10-second cooldown

Leap: Launches the player in the air then gives them slow falling with 10-second cooldown

Op Key: Disables fall, fire, and drowning damage

Phantom Key: Disables phantom spawning

Mob sucker: Sucks in all mobs within 30 blocks

Item sucker: Sucks in all items and XP within 20 blocks

Pearl sniper: Teleports the player wherever they look

Syringe: Fills up your health

Snorkel: Allows breathing underwater

Pathmaker: Makes 3x3 paths wherever you walk

Ore upgrader: upgrades ores to blocks

Weedwacker: Destroys all nearby tallgrass and flowers

Light placer: places light blocks

Effectorizer: Gives all nearby players and mobs a random effect

Time Banana: Allows the player to skip ahead in time

Download in description:

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