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Updated: Jan 3

Want an additional challenge in your survival worlds? This addon can deliver! When a Blood Moon rises, monsters will spawn more aggressively; including monsters that don't usually spawn at night..


Developed by: Clouddspiderr

Do you want an immersive new challenge to your survival experience? You found it. The Blood Moon beckons..

This addon adds a new in-game event called a Blood Moon. When a Blood Moon rises, it causes a lot of different monsters to begin spawning, including some monsters that don't usually spawn during normal nights! You will know when a Blood Moon has risen because the moon will take on a red glow, and a message will show up in chat saying "The Blood Moon rises.."

Not only do Blood Moons introduce a challenging new survival mechanic, they also increase immersion by encouraging players to be more aware of the cycle of the moon to avoid being caught unprepared - it could be a matter of life or death. It's not all risk with no reward though.. During a Blood Moon, Endermen will also spawn more frequently, providing a unique, high-risk opportunity to farm Ender Pearls!

How it works: - Blood Moons replace full moons, and as such occur once every eight in-game nights. - When a Blood Moon rises, an increased number of monsters will spawn; including monsters that might not usually spawn at night! - The Blood Moon will announce in chat when it begins and ends.


NOTE: THIS ADDON REQUIRES 1.18+ Remember to turn on experimental toggles:

Developers - Clouddspiderr ( @clouddspiderr#8523 ) ----: behaviors & design.


YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE THIS ADDON: 1. In PRIVATE Modpacks! 2. On Youtube! 3. To Edit/Modify/Learn From. ... AS LONG AS YOU GIVE CREDIT!! (- is that so much to ask? c: -) YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS ADDON: 1. In Public Modpacks. 2. On Other Websites. 3. To Profit/Make Money.


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Enjoy! Please leave any ideas, suggestions, or complaints below! Your criticism helps us grow! until next time.... Stay safe, have fun, and keep on blockin'! -bumTeam

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