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Updated: Jan 9, 2022

This addon adds robots to your world. You can build and program bots to do tasks for you. Tasks like farm, harvest, gather, guard, mine, and cut down trees.

  • Use a piece of redstone dust and a crafting bench as ingredients in a crafting bench to make a bot crafter. The bot crafter will have all the parts you need to build a bot.

  • Once you have a bot, place it on the ground and feed it a piece of redstone dust to turn it on.

  • Once your bot is on you should be able to see it's face. You can now give it 1 of 3 chips. There are three basic bots. A farmer bot, harvest bot, and a hopper bot.

  • After your bot is on before you give it any other chip you can decide to install bot legs. If your bot has legs you may give it the guard, miner, or lumber chips.

If you want more information about the Bots. Check your help menu in the pause or inventory screen. You will see a little bot face top right corner.


If you need any help join the discord.

If you like what my work become a patron.

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