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Block Armor

Updated: Feb 20

This addon adds 23 new armor sets that give unique abilities, you can mix and match each armor piece to get the effects and have up to 4 effects at a time. These effects stack with the effects from my other addons like Baubles, Weapon Cases, Inventory Pets, and Android Infusion

Armor Types

  • Amethyst (Regeneration)

  • Beacon (Area Buffs)

  • Bedrock (Unbreakable)

  • Bookshelf (Exp Generation)

  • Coal Block (Fire Step)

  • Cobblestone (Slowness)

  • Copper Block (Lightning)

  • Diamond Block (Resistance)

  • Emerald Block (Speed)

  • End Stone (Levitation)

  • Furnace (Auto Smelt)

  • Glass (Strength)

  • Gold Block (Absorption)

  • Ice (Area Slowness)

  • Iron Block (High Defense)

  • Lapis Block (Exp Eater)

  • Netherite Block (Withering)

  • Netherrack (Fire Resistance)

  • Obsidian (Unbreakable)

  • Quartz (Speed)

  • Redstone Block (Haste)

  • Slime (Jump Boost)

  • Wool (Slow Falling)

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