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Updated: Feb 20

This addon adds equipable rings and amulets that give special boosts. This addon currently only adds 10 rings.

To equip the baubles, you have to interact with the item (right click on pc, long click on mobile). You can only have 1 of each type of bauble equipped at a time (1 ring, 1 amulet, etc.). More baubles are coming soon, join the discord to recommend baubles for me to add!

Potion Rings

Empty Ring Recipe

Combine with any max upgraded potion and it gets added to the ring


  • Magic Amulet - dropped by endermen - teleports all items to you

  • Nature Amulet - dropped by endermen and stray - gives speed on grass

  • Chilling Amulet - dropped by stray - slows nearby mobs

  • Wither Amulet - dropped by wither skeleton - withers nearby mobs

  • Love Amulet - dropped by wither skeleton and zombie - kills nearby zombies/husks/drowned

  • Leeching Amulet - dropped by zombie - gives hunger and resistance II (stacks with turtle master ring)

  • Blood Amulet- dropped by zombie - gives slowness and strength II (stacks with strength ring)


  • Death Charm

  • Potion Charm

  • Mob Charm

  • Angel Charm

  • Power Charm

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