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This addon adds equipable rings, charms, and amulets that give special boosts.

To equip the baubles, you have to interact with the item (right click on pc, long click on mobile). You can only have 1 of each type of bauble equipped at a time (1 ring, 1 amulet, 1 charm)

Bauble Effects:


empty ring - unequips baubles

fire resistance ring

invisibility ring

jump boost ring

night vision ring

regeneration ring

slow falling ring

speed ring

strength ring

water breathing ring

spiked ring +3 attack damage -1 heart

magnet ring collects nearby items

heart ring +1 max heart

nautilus ring +10% underwater movement speed

holy ring +immunity to poison


balloon necklace jump boost

experience necklace collects nearby exp

wind necklace +20% movement speed

spiked necklace +4 attack damage -1 heart

nautilus necklace +20% underwater movement speed

heart necklace +1 max heart

holy necklace +immunity to darkness


power charm +strength +2 attack damage

crystal heart charm +2 max heart +resistance +slowness

horseshoe charm no fall damage

cloud in a bottle charm +jump boost 3

aquatic charm +30% underwater movement speed

holy charm +immunity to wither

Structure Locations:

Cave Ruin - Underground

Blimp, Hot Air Balloon - Overworld

Big Church - Birch Forest

Medium Church - Mega Taiga Forest

Mossy Ruins - Jungle

Mossy Ruin Tower - Forest

Mud House and Tower - Mangrove Swamp

Nautilus Ruins - Ocean

Oak Ruin One - Forest

Ruin Two - Bamboo Forest

Ruin Three - Taiga Forest

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Download Craftable Version

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