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Battle for the Realm v12.0

Battle for The Realm v12.0

A rift has opened and now all the universes in the multiverse are combining into one. The Bishnell Empire is on a rampage to to conquer the globe. It`s now up to you to save the world!

Battle for the Realm is the largest Minecraft Bedrock RPG Add-On. With over 300 mobs, tons of areas including mighty nations from Europe and Asia and sprawling biomes, and a huge arsenal of items and weapons to collect- Battle for the Realm has it all.

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The year is 6100 AG. 6100 years since the Great Galeyan war destroyed the earth and sent humanity back to the stone age.

Now, in the past 6100 years up to the present, civilization and society have been rebuilt.

And for years the world has been in a state of relative peace.

The total destruction of civilization wrought upon the world by Galeya and the Empires before it seem like a distant memory. Something that will be never repeated again.

50 years ago, if you were to tell people humanity could be once again plunged into a world destroying war- they would laugh you to scorn.

But they are not laughing anymore.

The Bishnell Empire, the greatest and most powerful state in the world, has turned it`s technological might to destroy and subjugate all of humanity.

Unleashing mechanical armies of steel and monster forces from other dimensions- to take over all of Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East.

All of the world- has fallen under rule- save for the distant lands of Asia. The only continent in the world left to stand up to them.

Asia (All Allied w/ Player)

Asia, the last continent in the world to be free from the rule of Bishnell- is a vast and ancient land.

In the wake of the war the nations of Eastern Asia decided to form a grand alliance- the Kings of the East.

Their Flag has the symbols of the founding nations (Montepoli, Achimgoyo, Zhongguo, The Mughal Empire, Yamato, and Siam)

It is their hope that this alliance of the Orient stretching from the Mughal Empire in India to the farthest reaches of Indonesia will put an end to the tyranny of the Bishnell Empire.



Alias: The Nation of Vactions, the Pearl of the Orient

Based On: 1960`s/WW2 Philippines

Montepoli, the Pearl of the Orient, is an island state in Asia. A tropical paradise and the most popular tourist destination in the world- Montepoli- is known as the nation of vacations.

Montepoli is known for it`s sprawling capital and namesake- Montepoli City. A vast metropolis full of European style buildings.

Because of 300 years of rule by the Iberian Empire, Montepoli`s culture has been heavily influenced by Europe. They are a melting pot- a meeting point between the East and the West.

Because of their reputation as an island paradise many Bishnell engineers and scientists have retired or went on leave in Montepoli. As a result, Montepoli has benefited much from their technological expertise. And has used these ‘cooperative’ scientists to help industrialize their Asian allies in the war against Bishnell.

Important Individuals

Captain Kyla Von Dulce is the current leader of Montepoli`s military. A young ‘super soldier’ with a Bishnell exosuit- she has always wished to be a hero her country could look up to. Montepoli`s military has had the reputation for being incompetent and extremely corrupt (which it was, other than the La Guardia division). The country was almost lost to a monster invasion by Bishnell- because of the military leadership`s refusal to prepare for war. Luckily Kyla was able to lead a part of the military save Montepoli- just barely. President Carlos has promoted her to supreme military commander (a job meant for the original 10 corrupt generals) recently- to fix Montepoli`s corrupt armed forces and to industrialize their Asian allies. It is a truly stressful job indeed.

Zhongguo 中國

Based On: Imperial China

“When Zhongguo awakens- she will shake the world.”

-Friederic Von Vanderburg

Zhongguo, with a population of 2 billion people, is the largest state of the continent of Asia. A vast and ancient nation- Zhongguo lies at the end of the road through the Great Rift- leading from the West to the East.

It is this vast land that stands in the way of Von Oberon`s vision for the domination of the entire world.

Von Oberon, the kaiser of Bishnell, knows that if the massive Zhongguo were to ever industrialize they could produce more weapons and field armies on a immeasurably greater scale than they could ever match. Zhongguo ever since the Great Galeyan War has been the nation that the lands of Asia have rallied around- whenever the continent was attacked by foreign invaders.

At the heart and soul of their nation- and of the entire continent, is the Zhangzheng family. The royal family of their nation who were given incredible powers during the Galeyan war. It is with these powers that they have fought and shed their blood to defend the lands of Asia for thousands of years.

It is this heart and soul that Bishnell wants to crush. They want to destroy the Zhangzheng family.

So far they have succeeded in doing so. And much of the Zhangzheng family was murdered in a surprise attack by the Bishnell controlled Imburnnu and Hector- leaving only the Emperor`s daughter Xiuying to lead the nation.

But the fire of Zhangzheng will burn bright. And like a whirlwind they will rise again with the help of their Asian allies to put an end to the tyranny of the Bishnell Empire.

Achimgoyo 아침고요

Alias: The Land of the Morning Calm

Based On: Korea

Achimgoyo, the land of the morning calm- is one of the Asian powers. Brought fame by it`s TV shows and musical bands- Achimgoyo is renowned in the world- in places even as far as Liure in Europe- and the Aztec Empire in America.

Achimgoyo struggles under the oppression of Bishnell-fanatic generals from Yamato- who seek to exploit their country and people.

In Achimgoyo can be found the mythical 달 숲 or ‘moon forest’ region which was caused by the war in Galeya 6100 years prior. Crystals powering Galeyan war machines incorporated themselves into the plants and trees of the valley- turning it into a crystalized forest.

The same kinds of crystals used for the Galeyan Empire`s war machines can be found growing everywhere in the 달 숲. The fanatic generals of Yamato have sought to get their hands on these gems to use for war machines to field against their fellow Asian nations.

A resistance movement is growing in Achimgoyo against these foreign oppressors. It looks as if all of Asia will have to step in to stop their erstwhile ‘ally’ Yamato, who have fallen under the control of traitors.

Important Individuals

The Flower Knights is an Achimogoyan Pop band,( or Achim-Pop for short). They represent what is left of the joy and wonder of the Achimgoyoan people after the devastating loss of their royal family and the freedom of their nation. The band members of the Flower Knights are Cha, Pyu, and Sa. The most successful band in the world- the Flower Knights- are the main reason for Achimgoyo`s worldwide music influence.

Even with the war with Bishnell- and the ban on Asian goods- Europeans are still smuggling the latest Flower Knights releases under the noses of the Bishnell Imperial Police!

The Mughal Empire

The Mughal Empire is a vast northern Indian Empire.

Historically ruled by Kings from Persia, the Mughals have extremely bad relations with their Southern neighbors- the Marathas- who view them as foreign invaders in India.

But a truce has been signed between the two powers- as the Bishnell Empire has vowed to subjugate all of Asia.

The Mughal Empire, with their vast population and growing industry (due to the war) are swiftly becoming a force to reckon with.

Their, and the Marathas, navy`s raiding of Bishnell and Islamic trading ships has led to a full scale naval war in the Indian Ocean- a war that Asia must win if it is to ever counterattack against the Bishnell Empire and her coalition.

Yamato 大和

The most ferocious of the Asian nations, and the first of them to have industrialized- Yamato is a terrifying Imperial Power with the largest naval force in the world.

Armed to the teeth with Battleships, Aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines- Yamato would be a formidable enemy if it ever turned against the Asian powers.

A secret movement is rising in Yamato`s government to overthrow their emperor and replace him with a party loyal to the Bishnell Empire.

This is a terrifying prospect. And very soon the forces of Yamato may be turned against their fellow Asian Powers.

Other Kings of the East Powers

Siam (Thailand)


Malacca (Malaysia)



The Bishnell Empire

Based On: German Empire

The Bishnell Empire is a hyper technologically advanced superstate in the heart of Europe.

There is no nation in the world with technology as advanced as that of the Bishnell Empire.

Engineers and scientists from Bishnell have put together horrendous mechanisms of war to use against their enemies.

It is with these terrifying weapons that they have subjected all the world- save for Asia.

And with their experimentation of portals they wiped out much of earth`s landmass in a dimensional leak.

Hostiles biomes have now occupied all the land from the edge of Europe to the land beyond Zhongguo. Although they intended to use it to wipe out enemy countries it had the unintended effect of placing a nearly impassable barrier between them and Asia.

Rift Tech- Bishnell`s Main Technology Company

Bishnell has carved a highway through this hostile terrain which they refer to as ‘The Great Rift’ to send their armies into Asia.

But this could very well be their undoing. The puppet empire Bishnell rules is anything but united- and anti-Bishnell and anti-empire movements are rising up all over Europe. At least for now, in secret.

A famous Bishnell industrialist, Jeremiah Walker, is secretly working to assist the Asian powers- as well as to overthrow the kaiser of Bishnell, Von Oberon.

Stashing high tech weapons in secret tunnels under the cities of the Bishnell Empire- Jeremiah Walker seeks to restore the rightful ruler of Bishnell to his place. President Warlow who was violently overthrown by Von Oberon and his industrial company, Rift Tech.


Orlovy is an autonomous area of the Bishnell Empire. Orlovy`s capital city is Durchenwald- which is home to their noble family that fought in the Galeyan war.

During that conflict, they emerged victorious- driving the Galeyans out of Europe. Unfortunately, for them, the end of the Galeyan war started an endless conflict between them and their greatest enemy today- Nachtnebel, the Kingdom of Eternal Night.

Although Orlovy is a very military weak nation, relying on antiquated armor, bows, and swords as their main weapons, they are still viewed as powerful.

Orlovy is home to the most powerful wielder of the Galeyan War Era Powers. Namely, Herr Amell Durchenwald. He is so strong that the Bishnell military has drafted contingency plans and have developed specialized weapons (doubtful that they will work) in the case they have to fight him. Orlovy, though, suffers from constant monster attacks from Nachtnebel- the Kingdom of Eternal Night.

Individuals of Note

Nation of Origin: Orlovy

Family: Durchenwald (electricity)

As a direct descendant of the King of Orlovy during the Galeyan War- Amell Durchenwald has been noted to be the most powerful wielder of the Realm Herald`s powers. Amell Durchenwald uses his electric manipulation powers in incredible ways to overwhelm and defeat extremely powerful armies of monsters- on his own. As the leading knight of Orlovy- the Sturmritter (Storm Knight) he is responsible for the nation`s protection from the Kingdom of Eternal Night.

Montagne/The Roman Kingdom

Montagne or the Roman Kingdom is known far and wide for the vast stores of knowledge that they have accumulated on the secrets of the world. A mighty empire during the Galeyan War- the Romans, after going through that horrendous crisis- decided to never go to war again. Instead the Emperor declared that his people would instead record the story of the world- passing it on through the generations- so that the terrible mistakes- that led to nought but violence, suffering, and bloodshed- would, hopefully, never be repeated again.

Unfortunately- much of the knowledge gained was suppressed throughout the ages- especially from various religious institutions of the Bishnell Empire. Many of the ancient relics- and books of Montagne scholars- had to be hidden deep under the streets of Rome to protect them from the Bishnell Empire. There is something hidden in Montagne that Von Oberon is desperate to have.


Montagne, during the Galeyan war, was one of the 2 world empires (along with Zhongguo) other than the Galeyans. With Rome as their capital, Montagne dominated the European continent. Montagne, today though, is far fallen from their empire status. Their leader, Lisa Delaurentis, must appease Montagne`s de facto Bishnell overlords in public, while fighting against them in secret. Bishnells control over the nation is so powerful that they forced Rome to continue to field ancient military weapons, even in present day! It was mostly though since they have a Galeyan-era royal family. Having one on your side is akin to possessing an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless Rome is doing okay economically- especially with all the tourism they receive from nations all over Bishnell-dominated Europe, North Africa, and the Americas. Their well preserved ancient capital is indeed a sight to behold.

A building in the main square of Rome

A Scorpio


The people of Montagne are fond of their unique looking pine trees

The Forum of Rome in Montagne


Peronia is a semi autonomous province of Montagne. A commercial city, Peronia is located in the north of Montagne with direct access the sea. Peronia is know for it`s delicious food and beautiful architecture.


The Kingdom of Ayrith is a powerful island nation- and one of the Bishnell Empire`s bitterest enemies. Being the only nation outside Asia that is yet to bend the knee to Bishnell- The Kingdom of Ayrith has been on the receiving end of endless bombardments from the European continent, crippling sanctions, and Bishnell invasion attempts. But these efforts to crush the spirit of the people of Ayrith are in vain- for the Kingdom of Ayrith still stands strong- and even dominates the seas around Europe and Africa.

Ayrith`s navy is the strongest amongst the nations of Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Bested only by the Yamato and combined Southeast Asian fleets. A legacy from their time as a great empire. But this time was cut short by the sudden and violent rise of the Bishnell Empire- which was so powerful and technologically advanced that it conquered Europe in a matter of weeks- reducing once mighty empires into cowering vassal states. With Asia focused on pushing the Bishnell Empire out of their continent- Ayrith fights virtually alone against their enemy. Their former colonies- the United States and Canada are in no position to help them. With Canada completely conquered by a joint Bishnell-Aztec invasion- and the United States (fresh out of a civil war) being dominated by the more powerful industrialized Incan and Aztec empires.

Will the people of Ayrith continue determined to stand their ground against the world`s mightiest empire? Or will they falter- and surrender?

Other European Nations

Liure (France)



From the energy pouring from the end dimension to the overworld from Rift Tech portals comes the enderinfection. A hostile environment full of strange creatures- and otherworldly flora and fauna. Tread with caution, traveller.

Fungal Enclave

The fire of the nether burns bright in the overworld. The very fire, the very energy that created the monster, the Imburnnu. Strange monsters live in the Fungal Enclave. If you come, come prepared, come ready to fight.

Dragon Nest

A dark and jagged mountain, set ablaze, rises towards the sky. Very few who have climbed the peaks have come back down. Dragons inhabit the crags and the cliffs of the mountain. A dangerous universe indeed, this biome has come from.

The Dark Castle

The headquarters of Hector and the Imburnnu. It is from here that they wage war against the nations of Asia with their armies of monsters. To win the war in Asia, you must expel the Bishnell Empire- and storm the dark castle.

An intimidating fortress composed of nearly indestructible materials, with floor after floor of monster armies- it is a fitting place for the final battle in Asia. At the very top lies the Imburnnu and Hector. The battle will be legendary. Bring as many heroes as you can with you to fight them.

Crystal Biome

A crystalized mountain coming from a world beyond- the crystal biomes peaks rise so high they touch the clouds. The monsters here are dangerous, and will ensure you never get hold of the treasure they guard. The very power of the sun, do they possess- a treasure they will stop at nothing to keep.

Toxic Biome