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Updated: Sep 4

This Addon will make the Boredom of vanilla fishing Be Gone, in a Moment!


Keep in mind that this addon Isn't the port of Aquculture 2 mod by Shadowclaimer & Girafi

Technically, this addon is Highly Inspired by the mod, so Tysm for both of them for the Inspiration!


This addon Adds ±39 New Fish & Most of them are Based on Real-Life fish

They can be Fished in their Respective Biomes Such as in Freshwater, Hot Biomes, Cold Ocean, Saltwater, Jungle, Swamp & Mooshroom Island!

Some of them are Useful like:

Jellyfish that can be Cooked into Slimeball

Jellyfish can also be Brewed into Poison Potion & Leech can be Brewed into Instant Health Potion


These Fish are Live as Mobs too!



◆ Just like the item, they Spawns at their Rescpective Biomes too!

They have their own Spawn Egg, You can catch them in Bucket, Most of them can be Displayed on Fish Trophy


◆ All the fish including Vaniila's will drops Bonemeal (Instead of Bone)



Foods [Expand]

Tool [Expand]

Junks [Expand]

Treasures [Expand]


This addon also Adds a New Metal called Neptunium!

This metal isn't Obtainable from Mining, instead it's Obtainable from Fishing!

Or you can Get a Neptune's Bounty in the Buried Treasure structure, Break the block to Drop the Neptunium Loots inside


Neptuniums [Expand]


Tackle Box

This block is used for making Fishing Equipments & Customizing you Fishing Rod


Fishing Equipments [Expand]

How to Change the Hook (Customize your Fishing Rod)?

1. Click the Recipe on the Recipe Tab

2. Complete the Recipe with the Ingredients

3. Replace the Hook on the Recipe with the Hook you want

4. The Fishing Rod will Change According to the hook

5. Craft it & Done!


Fishing Rod can be Crafted with Iron -> Neptunium (Not just Wooden)

Fishing Rod from this addon Still Gives Exp when used (Just like Vanila's)

Piglin sometimes interested on Gold Things from this addon



Craft Leathers from Leather Armor

◆ Get Neptunium Ingot by Smelting Neptuniums


Fish Trap

Used as Balanced Auto-Fishing block


◆ Fish Trap have Tiers with Ability:

+ Wooden, again... just the Basic

+ Iron, catch two things at once

+ Golden, increase the chance to catch treasure

+ Redstone, decrease the catch time

How to Use the Fish Trap?

1. Place the block in water with size of 3x3x1

2. Interact the block by Holding a Bait

3. If you Hear a Ding sound, that means you just need to Wait until the block Catch Things!

4. Rarely... if you Hear a Broken sound, that means the fish trap is broken and need a bait again

What are the Baits?

It can be either:

Leech, can be Catched in Swamp

Minnow, can be Catched in Saltwater or Dropped by Minnow fish that spawns in river

Worm, can be Obtained with Worm Farm

Worm Farm

Fill the block with Rotten Flesh until it's Full to get the Worm!

================================================ Required Experimental Feature:

Working on 1.19.40+!


Download the Addon

Enjoy & Have a Way Better Fishing!

================================================ > Join My Discord Group < If You're Curious about My Addons Progress!

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