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Add-On that adds various artifacts, each giving a different effect or attributes.

How did I get the artifacts:

- the artifacts you will get by killing the mimic.

where to find the mimic:

- it is found in a structure added by the Add-On, this structure can be found in forests, plains and etc..

Added artifacts and their effects or attributes:

- Umbrella: he let the player fall slowly;

- Bunny Hoppers: it lets the player jump much higher;

- Crystal Heart: gives the player 6 extra hearts;

- Kitty Slippers: she doesn't let any creeper near the player;

- Digging Claws: these claws let the Player mine faster;

- Obsidian Skull: do not let the Player catch fire;

- Running Shoes: let the player run faster;

- Night Vision Goggles: gives Night Vision effect to the player;

- Villager Hat: gives Player Village Hero Effect;

- Universal Attractor: it attracts any item within a 5 block radius to the Player;

- Scarf of Invisibility: make the full player invisible.

artifacts in your 3d:

- Everlasting Beef and Eternal Steak, a super rare meat that has a 0.002% chance of getting by killing cows.

Features that need active:

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MhQuinStudios # MhQS
MhQuinStudios # MhQS
12 de set. de 2023

Guys, don't worry, we'll update you in a few days, so stay alert.🙃

หนัง ดี
หนัง ดี
03 de dez. de 2023
Respondendo a

Nova Add-On!! Artifacts V1.0 for MCBE 1.20.41 And 1.20.50.???


yooo this is sick!!, my only issue is that that the belts and stuff don’t pop up on another player in multiplayer but besides that it’s very good


Trần Hoài Nam
Trần Hoài Nam
09 de set. de 2023

What about the lucky scarf? I really want it. It's a pity that MCPE doesn't have a separate place for buff items. (I use translator)

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