Advanced Fishing BE

Are you Bored with only Cod, Salmon, Pufferfish & Clownfish

To be Fishing in Minecraft Bedrock?

Do you want New Fish that can be Fished

And Crafted / Cooked into Resources & Foods?

As it is Written, Your Fishing will be Advanced!

This Addon is Based on a Minecraft Java Mod named "Advanced Fishing" made by Nightkosh!

So... Let Me Explain This Addon:

This Addon adds 43 New Fish that can be Fished

And Crafted / Cooked into Resources & Foods!

Fishing Loots & Chances:

Oceach = Ocean & Beach

Desavesa = Desert, Mesa & Savanna

In All Biomes, You can catch:

60% Normal

45% Oceach

25% Desavesa

13% Snowy

2% Deep

In Jungle, You can catch:

60% Jungle

25% Swamp

13% Mooshroom

2% End

You can get All New Fish in Nature Creative Inventory!

So if you want Neat, Just type:

/function adv_overend_fish (All Overworld & End Fish)

/function adv_deadther_fish (Dead & Nether Fish)

Crafteable Resources:

All the recipes above are Shapeless, Some recipes are Very Useful

So now Fishing will help your Survival More Than Ever!

Cooking Fish:

Blaze Pike, Mandarinfish, Sunfish, Pike, Angler Fish & Catfish make More Than 1 Cooked Fish!

Amount of Cooked Fish you will get:

Blaze Pike, Mandarinfish & Sunfish = 2 Cooked Salmon

Pike = 3 Cooked Cod

Angler Fish & Catfish = 3 Cooked Salmon

Also Works in Campfire & Soul Campfire!


All New Fish Can Be Eaten

But Be Careful, Most are Harmful if Eaten!

Mostly causes Hunger lll for 15 Seconds & Nausea ll for 10 Seconds

Some Fish also cause Poison ll for 10 Seconds

Spookyfin cause Blindness lll for 10 Seconds

Some Nether Fish cause Wither ll for 10 Seconds

Not All Fish are Dangerous To Eat like:

Cave Trout will give Resistance ​​​​​​ll For 10 Seconds

Mandarinfish will give you Instant Health ll

Blazing Fishing Pole!

♦ Durability: 570


Repairable with Blaze Rod & Other Blazing Fishing Pole

Uncraftable, Only 5% to Find in Ruined Portal, Nether Fortress & Bastion Remnant in Damaged by +85%

All Nether Fish & Blazing Fishing Pole Won't Burn!

So you Must Fishing in Nether!


!!Special Thanks!!

♦ Original Mod Maker, Nightkosh for His Permission!


> Join My Discord Group <

If You're Curious About My Addons Progress!



Required Experiment Feature:


♦ English ♦ Deutsch ♦ Español ♦ Français

♦ Bahasa Indonesia [By@Rainbow Dash Cool] ♦ Italiano ♦ Português ♦ Русский ♦ 简体中文 ♦ 繁體中文

♦ Min Game Version = 1.17.0!



Enjoy & Have Fun!

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