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Advanced Fishing BE

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

This Addon is Based on a Minecraft Java Mod named "Advanced Fishing" made by Nightkosh!

This addon Adds 43 New Fish that can be Fished in their Respective Biomes

Such as in Ocean, Hot Biomes, Cold Biomes, Jungle, Swamp, Mooshroom Island & even The End!

These Fishes can also be Crafted into Resources, example:

There are more Resources you can craft with other fishes, that make fishing More Useful!

You can also Cook them...

You can Eat them Raw, but most of them are Harmful to eat!

This addon also Added a New Fishing Rod called Blazing Fishing Pole!

It's Uncraftable, so you've to find it in Nether Structures...

This Rod used for Fishing in Nether!

================================================ Required Experimental Feature:

Working on 1.17.0+!


Enjoy & Have a Useful Fishing!

================================================ > Join My Discord Group < If You're Curious about My Addons Progress!

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Corey Beal
Corey Beal
Aug 22, 2023

the addon is missing on the download page

Replying to

On it

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