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Additional Caves

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

We had a Cave Update before, but it didn't add that much

And so I will make it better!

This addon adds new Ores, Crystals, Mobs, and even Cave Biomes!

Be Ready to explore more Cave Types

Let's start with the Blocks!

This Addon adds 5 new Stone types:!

  • Gypsum (found in Deepslate)

  • Hematite (Found between Stone and Deepslate

  • Marble (Found in Stone)

  • Limestone (Found in Stone)

  • Mica Stone (Found in Deserts)

Now let's go with the Mobs!

Only four Mobs are in this addon for now:

  • The Goldenfish (Spawns in Mesa Biomes)

  • Stoned Zombies (Spawns in All caves)

  • Zombie Knight (Spawns in Deepslate Dungeons)

  • Skeleton Knight (Spawns in Forbbiden Knight Ruins)

  • Fungus Mooshrums (Spawns in Mushroom Biomes)

Now we go to Ores!

This Addon has 2 Ores:

  • Germanium (Found everywhere)

  • Cobalt (Found in dry places)

Germanium is Mostly used for Active Redstone Lamps and A Tool set that stuns mobs

Cobalt is used to make a Chestplate that attracts items and a Magnet that also attracts Items

Now we go over the Crystals and etc:

This Addon has 4 Crystals that all have the same use:

  • Ruby

  • Morganite

  • Painite

  • Zircon

They are found in Crystal Caves (A new Cave Biomes)

Amethyst has Apples and Glass too

There are also four new Fungis and they can be made into a stew!

  • Panellus (Poison)

  • Laccaria (Instant Health)

  • Chanterelle (Regeneration)

  • Entoloma (Resistance)

And now there are Pebbles and stalactites whoch spawn in caves!

Now we have Structures:

The Deepslate Dungeon Spawns under Y= 0 and it very rare. it contains 4 chest with very good Loot and also contains Zombie Knights

The Forbidden Knight Ruins spawns everywhere very rarely. It contains very good loot and even some blocks under the structure

And the Abandoned Cabins is pretty common and just contains some nice loot

And with that, last but not least, we have Cave Biomes!

One biome is the Crystal Caves:

And the Other is the Mushroom Caves:

And that is about it! I hope you will enjoy it! Have a great day :]

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Apr 11, 2023

Can you Port Ars Nouveau java mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

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